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Are you as concerned as we are about the direction this country has been headed under Donald Trump's anti-American administration? After eight years of steady progress and sage leadership under President Obama, we've been thrown into nonstop, daily chaos by a man who hasn't the slightest regard for his Democratic responsibilities under our Constitution, or any cogent inclinations toward making this country great. His true motivation is for the betterment of his and his cadre's interests.

Trump is aided and abetted by the Republican Party in his quest to build his corporate brand. And since the GOP controls all the levers of power in our government, it is busy ramming through legislation that viciously targets women, minorities, immigrants, our environment, the working press, and so many of our basic American values.

So how do we stop them?

ACTIVATE, that's how. Please explore our site and resources and  participate in adding your energy to making this ripple a big blue wave!

YOU can make a difference


Throughout human history women have had to fight for equal treatment. And we've come a long way baby! The #metoo movement and the agenda of this oppressive patriarchal administration has shown us that there's so much more work to be done. The GOP has launched a war on women. Every week new legislation is being introduced across the country that erodes our rights.


Join President Obama and Attorney General Holder to take on the rigged congressional and legislative maps and bring fairness back to our election system.

Black Women Voters

Black women have been THE most dependable voting block on the Left. They are leading us out of the shadows and into the light. Let's show them our support and give them the tools to raise their voices louder, get out the vote, and run for office.

2018 Elections

There are many races leading up to the November elections. Find out when to vote, where to vote, and which candidates will work for YOU. You have the power. EVERY VOTE COUNTS.


Since the November nightmare of 2016, Trump's growing maelstrom has eroded our democracy in so many ways that it's difficult to keep track of the damage. Things are happening so quickly that it's easy to focus on the daily deluge and difficult to find ways to do anything about it. This is what Activate America Now is all about. This is where you can do something about it!

End Gun Violence

On an average day in our country 96 Americans are killed with guns. There are 13K gun homicides a year in the US and an average of 7 children and teens are killed every day with a gun. Mental illness is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed, but there is only ONE thing that all of these deaths have in common; guns. We need to strengthen gun regulation in this country dramatically. It's a national illness.

Climate Change

One degree of average planetary temperature difference has already resulted in devastating events. Scientists have labeled this era the Anthropogenic era because the climate and environment are so dramatically impacted by human activity. Our current administration tells us that this is not happening, but we are truly in the midst of a mass extinction. Without a livable environment everything else is irrelevant. Get involved now- our future truly depends on it.

Animal Rights

This administration has loosened animal protection requirements via executive order and eliminated funding to groups that protect animals. From private citizen abuse of domesticated animals, to unbearable farm conditions, these animals need our help. It's up to us to do what the government won't do anymore.


You know that YOU are voting! Why not roll up your sleeves and work directly with the DNC to get our candidates elected. Please volunteer if you can.


They are the backbone of our country. America's greatest accomplishments have been achieved through the efforts of immigrants. The "America First" agenda of this administration is destroying the very soul of our nation. Most of us are descendants of immigrants. Learn more and lend your support.

Support a Free Press

Every day the women and men in the working press are under attack by this lying administration. These journalists work hard put themselves at risk and work tirelessly to bring us the truth, and challenge the false narrative that is being disseminated in special-interest backed media. Don't let this administration erode our first amendment rights.

Stop Trump's Propaganda Machine

One of the most dangerous developments in recent years has been the GOP's use of propaganda to manipulate the electorate. Politifact rates FOX as factual 10% of the time. The current administration uses the network and other propaganda outlets to disseminate false information.

What's At Stake in 2018?

Issues like workplace equality, access to women's healthcare, keeping medicaid and social security in place, protecting the environment, and fixing the GOP's corrupt redistricting are just a few of the important issues that will be decided in 2020. Get out the vote!


Conservative and religious groups threaten LGBTQ rights with negative media attacks and legislation on a regular basis. Much of the progress that was made under the Obama administration is threatened by the actions of the GOP.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery—a multi-billion dollar criminal industry that denies freedom to 20.9 million people around the world. And no matter where you live, chances are it's happening nearby. From the girl forced into prostitution at a truck stop, to the man discovered in a restaurant kitchen, stripped of his passport and held against his will. All trafficking victims share one essential experience: the loss of freedom.

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